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Information for the 2019-2020 School Year: 

Please note that Michael Strembitsky School will have closed attendance boundaries for the 2019-2020 school year.  We will only be able to take students who live in our attendance area (Summerside East) or those students currently grandfathered or have siblings who will continue to be enrolled at MSS.  Kindergarten and Grade 1 students in the MSS attendance area will attend Satoo School.  (Please note:  MSS cannot accommodate Catholic-declared students, they are considered out of district.  Visit Edmonton Catholic Schools Locate Your School tool to determine your designated school.)

Michael Strembitsky Schools Attendance Area Map:  

Michael Strembitsky - Edmonton Public Schools

In addition, we will not be offering Kindergarten or Grade One for the upcoming year.  For detailed information on our Accommodation review, please visit:  

Schools - Edmonton Public Schools

For students who are NEW to Edmonton Public Schools:

Parents will need to bring in the following supporting documentation to verify student identity and that their residence is in our catchment area:

  • Student’s Canadian Birth Certificate (or proof of eligibility to attend school in Canada, for example, Canadian Passport/PR Card/Citizenship Card or Certificate WITH Non-Canadian Birth Certificate if the student was born outside Canada) , AND
  • Minimum of three documents from the following list for proof of residence address:
  •    Utility Bills for the residence
  •    Other Bills or Bank Statements
  •    Rental Agreement (a verification check will be conducted with the landlord)
  •    Mortgage document
  •    Please note that the above documents all need to show parent(s) name and    consistent mailing/service address within the school attendance boundary.
  •    Parent’s Driver’s License – no longer accepted at MSS (registries does not require proof to    change address on Driver's License)

New Student Registration - Edmonton Public Schools