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Welcome to Michael Strembitsky School! Introducing the Faculty of Michael Strembitsky School for 2013-2014!
Mr. Strembitsky Mr. Michael Strembitsky made many contributions to public education. He is known as the “guru of site-based management and decision making.”  Teaching and learning was a priority for Mr. Strembitsky.
Grand Opening Ceremony October 18, 2012. Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Official Grand Opening. Our very youngest and eldest students held the ribbon while Mr. Strembitsky and Dr. Wright joined other special guests in the ribbon cutting ceremony.


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District Accommodation Plan Update

The following information explains how the District Accommodation Plan will impact Michael Strembitsky School and neighbouring communities:

  • Decisions impacting MSS explained on district website:
  • Superintendent Robertson’s letter that went home with MSS students (also includes attendance area maps): Michael Strembitsky_ALL_Final.pdf
  • Information about “How to Support Your Child with Change” and through transitions: SupportingYourChild_Info.pdf
  • Video from Superintendent Robertson that provides pertinent background information:
  • Pre-enrolment for the 2014/2015 school year begins in mid-March. The pre-enrolment deadline is April 15.Updated information and guidelines pertaining to pre-enrolment, as well as new enrolments to MSS (including kindergarten) for the 2014-15 school year, will be communicated via SchoolZone and our school website. No registrations will be accepted prior to March 3, 2014.
  • General information about “Space for our Students:”
  • The Superintendent's letter regarding the sibling rule.  MichaelStrembitsky_Letter from Supt_SiblingRule_on letterhead - Copy 1.doc

Michael Strembitsky School is working closely with the administrators and staff  at the following welcoming schools: Satoo Elementary, Menisa Elementary, Sakaw Elementary and Dan Knott Junior High. Together we are developing plans to ensure a great teaching and learning environment for all our students. 

Office Hours for registration: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sunrise at Michael Strembitsky for web 

WANTED: Mentors for Michael Strembitsky School!

Are you a parent or community member who would be willing to work with a student or group of students at Michael Strembitsky School as a mentor?  Do you have expertise to share with students or teachers?  Can you help us integrate curricular studies within a real-world context?   If so, please consider being an MSS mentor!  Mentorship Database


Shark Legacy Project

MSS shark poster LR

Our story only began in September when we opened our doors to our community for the first time.  As a new school, we have spent a lot of time looking at our identity – as students, as a school, and as community members.  We wanted to create a legacy piece that involved all students, as well as the MSS faculty, parents and guardians, to commemorate our first year.

We worked with Lewis Lavoie, Phil Alain, and Paul Lavoie to develop a customized, interactive art activity designed to unite our school members and community through a large Mural Mosaic. One of the high points was watching the artists build the mural over the week.  The administration knew what the final design would be but we wanted the mural to have a big surprise! Each student was asked to create a tile of their own with a sea-theme.  As the week progressed, the artists began to attach the tiles and by the end of the week, the students saw what was emerging - a shark! As our new school mascot is a shark, our students have a particular fondness for this sea creature.  They also saw how their individual pieces were used to create the overall image - a collective representation of who we are. Students enjoy guessing who made each tile and marvel with particular interest at their teachers' tiles!

The Mural Mosaics project has enhanced our school project related to helping students discover their own identity and how they fit in the world around them.  It also allowed students to develop the following 21st century skills: Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration and Leadership, and well as Communication. Our students gained a greater appreciation of how their individual efforts could be combined for the greater good of the entire school.  In addition, one of the key benefits in the classroom was an increased sense of school pride and personal belonging. Our students helped us further establish the school identity within the context of developing skills outlined in the Visual Arts curricula for Kindergarten-Grade 9.

Special thanks to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for the generous grant of $4,500. Our heartfelt appreciation to the Strembitsky Parent Foundation for donating $5,300 towards this special legacy project. Your support is appreciated by all of us!





Principal’s Message

Welcome to Michael Strembitsky School!

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Welcome to our school! At Michael Strembitsky School, our priority is student growth and success. We are committed to providing a positive learning environment that will foster and support high academic and behavioural expectations.

Our planning recognizes and honours students' diverse needs and individual interests. In an effort to ensure all students are successful, faculty use a differentiated approach to teaching. This approach includes thoughtful planning, strategic assessment of learning outcomes, and targeted, flexible instruction. Classroom teaching will be a blend of whole class, group, partner, and individual instruction. Students are provided with a multiple opportunities to make sense of ideas and information, practice new skills, and to demonstrate what they have learned. Differentiated instruction is about creating a caring learning environment in which student differences are valued.

As a faculty, we provide challenging and engaging curricular learning within and across subject disciplines. Students are engaged in learning and service projects that rely upon and strengthen human spirit and imagination. As a school, we design and embrace projects that allow students to engage in in-depth study of real-world problems that they care about and are interested in. Such opportunities to harness students' passion to explore problems or projects that affect their lives and the lives of their friends and family, enable our students to become experts across subjects, use 21st century skills, and to collaborate with others at school and beyond to devise innovative solutions. Project learning allows students to cultivate meaningful and memorable knowledge within authentic contexts for learning.

At Michael Strembitsky School, we have access to new technologies that will serve as powerful tools for students to access, search, analyze, store, manage, create and communicate information and knowledge. These technologies support our focus on learning, thinking, communicating, collaborating, and working in much more powerful, personalized, integrated, connected and efficient ways.

Finally, at Michael Strembitsky School, we believe that success is best achieved in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. A safe, healthy, and orderly environment allows for a climate that supports relationship building and authentic partnerships among students, staff, parents and community members. We believe that these relationships are integral to supporting students' academic learning, fostering students' citizenship skills, and ensuring student responsibility.

Please check this web site regularly for updates on our work, or subscribe to our RSS Feed.

We are looking forward to a great year with our students and families!

Dr. Lisa Wright


ASAP Information

  • ASAP refers to the Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement project
  • The P3 Initiative is a provincial Public Private Partnership
  • Six Edmonton Public Schools ASAP schools opened in September 2010. Three more ASAP schools opened in September 2012. Michael Strembitsky School now accommodates Kindergarten to Grade 9 regular programming.
  • Consolidated schools into single package: design, construction and maintenance (30 years)
  • Owned and operated by school boards
  • Contractor does all maintenance for 30 years
  • Available for Joint Use Agreement (community use) after hours

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