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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Since opening in September 2012, Michael Strembitsky School has developed a vision focused on authentic learning for a 21st century world. In an effort to reconceptualize teaching and learning, the Faculty at Michael Strembitsky School focuses on competency development as outlined in Inspiring Education and the new Ministerial Order for Student Learning.



    Looking Through the Lens of Learning: An Interactive Journey book

     Legacy Book

    This book, created by the Faculty of Michael Strembitsky School, was designed with the hopes of guiding your practice personally and professionally; to give you a space to think about teaching and learning whether you are a teacher, parent, or a student who is looking for a space for personal reflection and growth.

    As you interact with the book, you will find yourself delving deeper into the process of learning with a focus on self reflection of “who you are” and the difference you want to make.
    If interested you may purchase additional books for $20.00 (GST included). Please provide payment in the business office by cash, debit, cheque, Visa or Mastercard.
    Conversation Guide

    This conversation guide highlights selected themes found in the book Looking Through the Lens of Learning: An Interactive Journey.

    These themes include: Creating Culture, Relationships, Authentic Learning, Dare to Do, Feedback/Feedforward. The above themes are accompanied by suggested discussion topics and activities, so feel free to modify the suggestions to suit the needs of your audience.


    *Note the themes highlighted are not the only ones found in the interactive journal, nor are they presented in any order. They are meant to be a starting point to your interactive journey.


    You may download additional Conversation Guides by clicking on the link below:

    Conversation Guide

     The journey is yours, embrace where it may lead you!

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  • Volunteering


    Michael Strembitsky School values the contributions of our parent groups and parent volunteers. Together we work to promote the well-being and effectiveness of our students and programs. If you can spare even a half hour a week, or a day once a month - let us know what your interests are. We value any contribution you are able to make! Volunteering in our school is one way for parents to show their children that they value their education.

    All visitors and volunteers are asked to enter the school building through the front door and to report to the school office upon entering and leaving the school. All visitors and volunteers are asked to wear a visitor/volunteer badge while they are in the school, and to sign in and out of the office. All volunteers must complete the district's volunteer form prior to working within the school or supervising a field trip.


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Principal's Message

Information for the 2017-2018 School Year:
Please note that Michael Strembitsky School will have closed attendance boundaries for the 2017-2018 school year.  We will only be able to take students who live in our attendance area.  Please visit EPSB's Find-A-School tool to determine your designated school.


Dear Students, Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Welcome to Michael Strembitsky School!

At Michael Strembitsky School, our priority is student growth and success. We believe that educating our students is a collective responsibility. Through a collaborative approach in working together with you as partners, we will maximize the potential of all students. We are committed to providing a positive learning environment that will foster and support high academic and behavioral expectations, capitalizing on the value of relationships as we delve deeper into our work.

We focus on creating an inviting and inclusive school community where diversity is celebrated and valued, where relationships are nurtured. Emphasis is placed on creating an environment where students feel capable, connected and contributing members in our school community and society in meaningful and fulfilling ways.

In an effort to ensure all students are successful, faculty will use a differentiated approach to teaching. This approach includes thoughtful planning, strategic assessment of learning outcomes, and targeted, flexible instruction. Classroom teaching will be a blend of whole class, group, partner, and individual instruction. Students will be provided with a multiple opportunities to make sense of ideas and information, practice new skills, and to demonstrate what they have learned.

As a faculty, we provide challenging and engaging curricular learning within and across subject disciplines. Students are engaged in learning and service projects that rely upon and strengthen human spirit and imagination. As a school, we design and embrace projects that allow students to engage in in-depth study of real-world problems that they care about and are interested in. Such opportunities to harness students' passion to explore problems or projects that affect their lives and the lives of their friends and family, enable our students to become experts across subjects, use 21st  century skills, and to collaborate with others at school and beyond to devise innovative solutions. Project learning allows students to cultivate meaningful and memorable knowledge within authentic contexts for learning.

At Michael Strembitsky School, we have access to new technologies that will serve as powerful tools for students to access, search, analyze, store, manage, create and communicate information and knowledge. These technologies support our focus on learning, thinking, communicating, collaborating, and working in much more powerful, personalized, integrated, connected and efficient ways.

We believe that success is best achieved in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. This will allow for a climate that supports relationship building and authentic partnerships among students, faculty, parents and community members. We believe that these relationships are integral to supporting students' academic learning, fostering students' citizenship skills, and ensuring student responsibility.

Please check this web site regularly for updates on our work.

We are looking forward to a great year with our students, families and all partners in education!





2017 - 18 Faculty 


Grades Two - Three:  Tim Chow, Monika Couprie, Amy Hagman, Kimberley Harris, Karly Dziadyk, Anita Lam, Tammy Pedersen, Julie Pries, Cheryl Terry, Kyle Yakemchuk, Paul Ledding


Grades Four - Six:  Youssra Badr, Avery Bernett, Tanya Boyko,  Michelle Kershaw, Amanda Hagerman, Lynnell Gagnon, Ashley Taschuk, Sandy Tong, Rianna van Egmond, Sharlene Pike, Puja Chakkalakal, Laura Simon, Emelia Johnson, Lauren Martin, Peter Utivlugt


Brandi Devitt, Karen Dhaliwal-Bassi, James Leskewich, Vanessa Moerike, Daren Patterson, Brent Sheehan, Waylon Chinski, Julie Arsenault, Luke Nakonechny, Joshua Owen


Paul Ledding, Angela Lee, Amber Schneider


Educational Assistants:  Charlotte Bullock, Yam Ghimire, Cheryl Henkelman, James Iwabuchi, Melissa LaMay, Micki Mayzel, Sandy McDonald, Cherie Ruttle, Valerie Westgate, Kim Gruman, Darin Breckenridge, Eman Abdelgader

Library Technician:  Sarah Jensen

Graphic Designer and Artist in Residence: Flavio Rojas

Success Coach: Julie Schuster


Head Custodian: Tej Pangli

Custodians: Ferdinand Abelar, Elpidio Castillo, Marc Crisostomo, Freddie Punzalan


Principal: Chad Sheppard

Assistant Principals: Lana Lastiwka, Michelle McCulloch

Curriculum Coordinator: Debbie Piasetsky

Administrative Assistant - Business Office: Pat Grzech

Administrative Assistants - Main Office: Corrie Malek, Susan McWhinnie