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Joint Use Agreement: Will the community be able to use the gym after school hours (evenings, weekends)?

All schools that are rented out to the community through the Joint Use Agreement must have a boiler certified custodian working during the rental time. Michael Strembitsky School will have a night time custodian and therefore the building will be available for booking Monday to Friday. Weekends can be arranged providing a district employee with boiler certification is available to open the building. Often when schools are rented on the weekend the rental group will be responsible for paying the custodian overtime to open the school and the use of the space. All district schools are booked centrally through the district's facilities booking department.

Please contact Edmonton Public Schools Rental Services at (780) 429-8540 or (780) 429-8539. Or please e-mail Rental Services at rentalservices@epsb.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


COBS Harvest Pointe

We are excited to be participating in the "Dough Raiser" program offered by COBS. Thank you to Brenda Bromberger of COBS Harvest Pointe for inviting us to join this reward program that raises money for our school. Please see the link for more detailed information.

COBS - Raise Some Dough